• Grind Mill

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Grind Mill

The “Grind Mill” technology, a rice husk solid fuel production system, can be used to make briquettes, curle chips, and ground rice husks.

Grind Mill Standard Model (TRM-120F)

This model is equipped with a rice husk conveying device (spring conveyor) and a fixed-volume feeder, and performs the entire process from rice husk feeding to momigalite molding in a fully automated manner. One operation manager can operate two or three grind mills simultaneously, and one unit can produce 120 kg of rice husk briquettes per hour.

Model: TRM-120F
Processing capacity: approx. 120kg/h
Dimensions: approx. 2,800mm (width) x 1,510mm (depth) x 2,300mm (height)
Weight: approx. 1,300 kg
Power supply: AC200V 3φ 50Hz/60Hz
Power: consumption: 15kW 4P, Reduction ratio 1/15
1.5kW×3(for heaters)
0.4kW 4P Reduction ratio 1/10.
0.25kW 4P Reduction ratio 1/6

Grind Mill Economy Model (TRM-120DD)

This is an economy model developed through JICA’s project in Tanzania. It is a model that reduces the initial cost and weight of the equipment by eliminating the rice husk conveyor (spring conveyor) and the constant feeder, and by feeding rice husks manually. By simplifying the equipment configuration as much as possible, the number of parts that need to be maintained or replaced has been reduced. This model is in high demand overseas, where there is a need to reduce initial investment and where manpower is abundant. It is capable of producing 120 kg of rice husk briquettes per hour.

Model: TRM-120DD
Processing capacity: approx. 120kg/h
Dimensions: approx. 2,700mm (width) x 992mm (depth) x 1,343mm (height)
Weight: approx. 900kg
Power supply: AC200V 3φ 50Hz/60Hz
Power: consumption: 15kW 4P, reduction ratio 1/15, 1.5kW×3 (heater)

Grind Mill Curl Chips PTO Model (TRM-200CR)
(Under development)

This model is specially designed for the production of coil-shape rice husk solid fuel, curl chips. By increasing the output of the motor and eliminating the heating process required for the production of rice husk briquettes, the production capacity has been increased and can produce 200 kg of curl chips per hour. This new Grind Mill has been developed for overseas users who require a machine with high production capacity.

Model: TRM-200CR
Processing capacity: approx. 200 kg/h
Dimensions: approx. 2,200mm (width) x 1,100mm (depth) x 1,480mm (height)
Weight: approx. 985 kg
Power supply: AC200V 3φ 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: 30kW 4P, reduction ratio 1/7.12)

Grind Mill Curl Chips PTO Model (TRM-200CRP)
(Under development)

There are still many unelectrified areas in the world, especially in developing countries, where power lines do not reach. This curl chip production machine powered by PTO was newly developed to make rice husk solid fuel (curl chips) even without electricity. Using the PTO (Power Take Off) of a tractor, the machine can produce about 180-200kg of curl chips per hour.

Model: TRM-200CRP
Processing capacity: 180 – 200 kg/h
Dimensions: approx. 1,669mm (width) x 700mm (depth) x 1,367mm (height)
Weight: approx. 560kg
Allowable Input Capacity: 23.8 – 24.1 kW (220 – 197 N.m)
Input shaft rotation speed (PTO shaft): 980〜1,165rpm)

Water Purifier

Special activated charcoal made from rice husks is used in this high performance water purifier.

Welvina Pitcher Model

The simple and compact shape can easily fit in the door pocket of a refrigerator. A stopper between the lid and the inner container prevents the mixing of raw and purified water. The bottom half of the main body is indented to make it easy to hold with one hand. As it can be kept in the refrigerator at any time, it is useful during the season when drinking water is used frequently.
*It can be placed upright on a shelf with a height of 25 cm or more.

Model: TRM-01P
Dimensions: 175mm (W) x 85mm (D) x 235mm (H)
Capacity: 1L water, 1L raw water
Filtration rate: 0.2 L/min
Cartridge replacement: approx. 3 months (using 4 litres per day) and approx. 6 months (using 2L per day)

Welvina Indoor Stationary Model

This is a faucet-mounted type water purifier from the Welvina series. The simple and space-saving design harmonizes beautifully with your kitchen. You can switch between raw water, shower water, and purified water just by turning the knob attached to the faucet. You can use the silica water not only for drinking, but also for coffee, tea, cooking, and many other purposes.

Model: TRM-02S
Dimensions: approx. 213mm(W)×125mm(L)×262mm(H)
Weight: 2400g(4100g at filling with water)
Cartridge replacement: approx. 12 months (when using 30L/day)

Welvina Outdoor Installation Model

This water purifier for outdoor installation can be used to filter all tap water in the house. You can use Welvina’s safe and delicious water for drinking, bathing, showering, laundry, and many other purposes. In addition, since it does not use a power source, it can be used even during power outages in the event of a disaster. This Welvina outdoor installation model is a product jointly developed by Dax Co., Ltd. and Tromso Co., Ltd.

Model: ANOA-WH-01
Dimensions: approx. 270mm (diameter) x 462mm (height)
Weight: 4,200g (7,600g when full)
Total filtration volume: 400,000L (80% removal rate) *For free residual chlorine
Cartridge replacement: approx. 12 months (1,000 liters water usage per day)

Built-in type water purifier filter (TRM-03B)

Conventional built-in water purifiers often consist of multiple filters, each with its own function. The “Welvina” high-performance water filter (TRM-03B) consolidates all of these filters, which were previously separated by function, into a single unit. The built-in water filter (TRM-03B) has been selected by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) for the “Project to Support Japanese Companies Overseas by Demonstrating and Transferring STePP Technology for Infection Prevention in Developing Countries”, and the technology demonstration and the technology transfer are being carried out in Soc Trang Province, Vietnam.

Model: TRM-03B
Body method: Approximately φ120, height 282 (mm)
Weight about 1,000g (2,600g at full time)
Conditions of use: Water temperature ~ 35 ℃ (do not freeze) and normal use pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.35MPa
Cartridge replacement: Approximately 12 months (when using 30L per day)