The article about Yikii Walter of Tromso company limited in the Japanese economic newspaper(Nikkei) on July 3rd.

Hello everyone, this is Murakami from Tromso Co., Ltd. Today,

I will upload an article that appeared in the Nikkei newspaper on July 3rd.

The article that appeared today is about Yikii Walter, who joined as one of our staff last year. Please read it!

Currently, we have four foreign employees. Tromso has a total of 10 employees, so about half are foreigners.

Innoshima is a depopulated area, so I think there are many companies that are short of personnel, but in our case, we wanted personnel with special skills.

For example, we were looking for technicians to operate gas chromatography (simultaneous analysis of three samples), but naturally, such rare personnel do not gather in Innoshima.

However, we thought that personnel who have studied abroad and obtained a master’s or doctorate from a Japanese university would be suitable, so we recruited foreign personnel.

Surprisingly, we were able to employ two foreign students within a month. One has a master’s degree and the other has a doctorate, both of whom are Africans.

They are just as talented as Yikii Walter, who is featured in today’s article. They told me, “Thank you for hiring us,” and I also thanked them, saying, “Thank you for choosing Tromso and coming all the way to Innoshima.”

They are now working as important assets. Tromso is supported by our past connections, as well as each and every one of our few employees, and we are working toward the same goal.